How much does it cost: Good question. We have tiered plans for our service options based on your affordability as low as $79.95 per month. But its important to know that being in debt, having bad credit, high interest and late fee’s are definitely more expensive than our plan options. An added perk is that our plans are designed to grow with you. Check out our services page for detailed pricing and inclusions.

How do I join the MBC Repository? Click here or give us a call. You can also message us on Facebook or Instagram to sign up options or follow us on social media for raffles, give always, and sponsorship opportunities by scrolling to the bottom and selecting the platform you use the most often.

How long does the program last? Everyone’s situation is unique. You got to know you didn’t get into debt or learn bad habits overnight and it will take time, focus and commitment to learn financial responsibility. We are here with you every uncomfortable step of the way. Our minimum program is 6 months and can last up to 18 months with continued education. If you aren’t prepared to commit to at least 6 months, this program is not for you. If you are serious about transforming your life, let us tailor a plan for you by setting up a consultation today.

What happens if I need to cancel or pause? You can pause your education and restoration plan for up to (2) months or 60 days with notice with no additional fees. Should you require more time, you will need to pay a reactivation fee, and may need to start any unfinished education classes from the beginning. All completed classes will remain intact. Access to the program will also remain paused. Any response or follow up to outstanding items will be delayed.

Do I have to pay for credit monitoring? Yes, credit monitoring is required for all tiered programs. Eagle and Condor programs include credit monitoring at no additional cost. Contact us with any questions.

Is credit repair included in my service? Credit repair is an included feature in our Woodpecker, Condor and Eagle Program as long as you are enrolled in our education program.

Can I purchase education and decline credit restoration services? Yes. We have options for Individual learning courses and online classes. Book a consultation to get your courses tailored for your unique needs.

Can I purchase credit restoration without the education program? No, the program is designed to encourage and teach financial literacy. In order to accomplish our brand mission, credit, financial, and debt education is a mandatory process of our program.

What is included in the program? Check out our services page for program inclusion offers and details.

I know someone who needs this program. Can I gift them? Absolutely, contact us so we can set up an intake to tailor the plan for their needs. We require the same time and effort commitments. We offer group rates. Contact us today.

Do you have a youth program? We sure do! Our video courses and online education include youth options. Reach out so we can provide age related access.

How does the program work?

Sign up for your preferred course or full repository access.

If credit inclusive sign up for credit monitoring

Schedule your intake

Provide complete answers and supporting documentation requested by our client relations team.

Log into your education and complete your assignments

Attend your accountability meetings

Do you have free information? Yes, we provide free tips and resources. Follow us on social media to get tips and industry tricks to improve your financial health.

Do you provide discounts to courses? Yes, we occasionally provide discounts for newly released programs and hold focus groups, however, because our repository is live, prices are subject to increase as more value is added to the program and time permits. Lock in the current rate by signing up today.

Do you have group rates? Yes, contact client relations for parties of 5 or more.

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